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Handcrafted Miniatures

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Handcrafted Miniatures from the Erzgebirge

Small but fine (klein aber fein) is the motto in the Drechsel workshop in the small town of Augustusburg in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. Their miniature handcrafted pyramids and arches fit into any handbag, but that of course is not where they belong. Just like their larger brothers and sisters, they also appear at Christmas time, and many pyramid designs are appropriate year-round, and spin whenever they catch a draft of warm air, such as from a heater, a fan, or a television.

In 1987 Frau Stephanie Drechsel took over the family business from her father, Karl Herhold, who in 1964 made his hobby into his career. Because there were so many factors that made it very difficult to be self-sufficient in the German Democratic Republic, it wasn't until 1980 and after much difficulty that Herr Herhold was able to set up his own company. His daughter Stephanie, who studied at the Institute for Applied Arts (Fachschule fuer Angewandte Kunst) in the village of Schneeberg, began working with him that same year. Since 2005 the small firm has been run by her husband, Hans-Ullrich Drechsel.

These fine pieces are not mass-produced but made with heart and hand and are handcrafted. All of the filigree pieces are created by hand and not with a laser or computer.

Here's what you'll find on this page:

Handcrafted miniatures from the Erzgebirge

Miniature Pyramids

These miniature pyramids, each just under 5 inches tall, while not made for candles, do spin when caught in a draft of warm air. Small wooden candles (decorative only!) are on either side of the pyramids (shown in only a few of the photos). The mini-pyramids are made from veneers from chestnut wood, which is neither too soft nor too hard to work with. The base is made from elm, the bow and tree from makore, and the small decorative candles from oak.

Click on each image for a larger view.

LS19/01 Carolers

LS19/02 Shepherd

Little Red Riding Hood

LS19/04 Train

LS19/05 Santa

LS19/06 Nativity

LS19/07 Hansel & Gretel

LS19/08 Miner Parade

LS19/09 Deer & Feeder

LS19/10 Witch

LS19/11 Forest Scene

LS19/12 Lace Maker

LS19/13 Congratulations

LS19/14 Forest People

LS19/15 Erzgebirge Folk

LS19/16 Man with Pipe

LS19/17 Angel & Miner

LS19/18 Three Kings

LS19/19 Three Angels

LS19/20 Winter Skiers

LS19/21 Augustusburg

LS19/22 Star Catcher

LS19/23 Watchman

Deer Feeding

LS19/25 Dentist Visit

LS19/26 Wild Boar

LS19/27 Fit for Fun

LS19/28 Birthday Numbers

LS19/29 We Renovate

LS19/30 St. Nicholas

Miniature Schwibbogen (Arches)

These miniature arches, each about 6 inches wide, are made from chestnut wood, which is neither too soft nor too hard to work with. The base is made from elm, the arch from makore, and the small decorative candles from oak. The arches with 3D in the design name have a darker background to give the arch a 3-dimensional effect.

Click on each image for a larger view.

LS01 Nativity

LS06 Ezrgebirge Scene

LS07 Ezrgebirge Scene

LS08 Ezrgebirge Scene

LS32 Carolers

LS33 Forest Scene

LS34 Deer Feeding

LS35 Deer Feeding 3D

LS36 Nativity Arch 3D

LS37 Nativity Arch

LS38 Star of Bethlehem

LS39 Star of Bethlehem 3D

LS40 Traditional Angel

LS41 Summer Fun

LS42 Winter Fun

LS43 Traditional Miner

LS46 Train

LS49 Miner Parade

LS52 Bremer Town Musicians

LS53 Wedding Carriage

LS54 Train 3D

LS98 Lichtenwalde


Other Handcrafted Designs

These fine handcrafted designs come in a number of themes, including Christmas, Easter, all-year, and religious designs.

Click on each image for a larger view.


LS05/06 Santa

LS05/10 Angel

LS05/11 Snowman

LS12/01 Nativity

LS12/02 Nativity

LS12/03 Nativity

LS29 Traditional Angel

LS30 Traditional Miner

LS104 Nativity Candleholder
LS105 Christmas in Forest


Several of these designs come with a note that reads "Best Wishes," "Good Luck," in German. Important Candleholders are decorative only and not meant to hold real candles.

LS5/01 Chimney Sweep

LS5/02 Boy with Flower

LS5/05 Boy with Cake

LS5/07 Gnome

LS5/08 Boy with Flute

LS5/09 Girl with Flowers

LS05/12 Girl Starting School

LS05/13 Boy Starting School

LS05/14 Kangaroo

LS20 Violets

LS21 Carnations

LS22 Spring Flowers

LS23 Campanula

LS24 Harvest

LS25 Rockrose

LS26/02 First Love

LS27 Lace Maker

LS28 Wood Carver

LS83 Double Good Luck

LS87 Flute Player

LS88 Strolling Player

LS101 School in Falkenau

LS102 Stag in Forest

LS103 Fawn

LS108 Forest Idyll

LS109 Wine Glass

LS110 Roses


LS02/1 Mountain Cross

LS03 Mountain Cross

LS04/01 Mountain Cross Arch

LS04/02 Madonna

LS58/02 Praying Hands

LS58/04 Praying Hands

LS59 Praying Hands

LS97 Guardian Angel

LS100 The Good Shepherd

Ornament Sets

Set of 6 handcrafted wood ornaments made from natural wood veneer and with a gold string for hanging.

LS79/01 Nativity Designs

LS80 Stars

LS96 Angels

LS106/01 Snowflakes

Wooden Window Picture Art

Handcrafted wood art with delicate fretwork perfect for a window or a wall. A gold cord for hanging the pictures is included.

LS91 Flowers in Circle

LS92/01 Roses

LS92/02 Flowers

LS92/03 Flowers & Butterfly

LS93/01 Girl Bunny

LS93/02 Boy Bunny

LS93/03 Easter Egg House