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Specializing in Fine Linens, Schwibbögen, and
Wood Collectibles from the Heart of Germany

All of the fine products we carry are designed and made in Germany and Italy

A Note to our Valued Clients

We are no longer exhibiting at the Atlanta and New York Gift Shows. With the increasing costs of doing the gift shows, the recent rise in the euro, and higher prices from our artisans, we had to make a choice: either raise our prices or hold the line on prices by taking a break from doing the gift shows. You can request wholesale price information online.

So we decided to focus on offering the same fine products over the Internet and hold the line on prices. While we know that ordering online is not as convenient as visiting a gift show, you can call (toll-free) or fill out our Contact Us form and we will happily assist you.

One thing has not changed -- our commitment to offering our clients the finest selection of German products at the best prices and with the best customer service possible.

Genuine Wood Art from the Erzgebirge

Lace and Linens from Germany Fine Lace from Germany Fine Lace from Germany
For more than 150 years, the Saxony (Sachsen) region of Germany, especially the area around the city of Plauen, has been known for the beauty and quality of its lace. Sachsen Imports works with small, family-run factories in Germany (Otto Dotzauer KG, Meinels Stick, Designerspitzen Plauen GmbH) to bring you the finest embroidery and German lace. Most of these table linens, which are also known as table toppers, are easy-care and machine-washable. The trademark "Plauener Spitze" not only guarantees the highest quality linens, it also guarantees that these linens are designed and made in Germany. Click here for more information about Plauen Lace.


We also offer beautiful, handcrafted "Schwibbögen", or Christmas arches, from the Erzgebirge region of Germany (Michael Müller GmbH). These lovely wooden double-arches are illuminated from within by a string of small electric lights to display a breathtaking silhouette. Click here for more information about Schwibbögen.

Erzgebirge Wood Collectibles

Handcrafted wood collectibles have long been a tradition in the Erzgebirge. We offer the finest German woodcraft, much of which is exclusive to Sachsen Imports, from small manufacturers  (Bettina Franke Holzkunst, Günter Reichel Kunstgewerbliche Holzwaren, Seiffener Volkskunst, Dirk Hobler Design, Björn Köhler Kunsthandwerk, Michael Kuhnert Schnitzkunst, Design Karsten Braune, Drechslerei Torsten Martin, Augustusburger Hutzenwerkstatt) dedicated to quality and to preserving the woodcarving traditions of the Erzgebirge. We also now carry a line of wood hand-carved Nativity figures from Italy.

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